These are the current controller schemes for Dead Island*. The control schemes available to select are Digital or Analogue - the player is not able to re-map any buttons or change the function of controller buttons in Dead Island.

The analog control scheme allows the player to decide which way the swing is directed. Hold down the Aim/Throw button to ready weapon and use the look stick or the mouse to swing the weapon in the direction that the player wishes.

Function Xbox Controller PS3 Controller PC Keyboard
Move Stick left Stick left W,A,S,D
Look around Stick right Stick right Mouse
Jump Button a PS3 Cross Spacebar
Enter Fury Button b PS3 Circle Z
Heal Player Button b PS3 Circle H
Drop Weapon Button y PS3 Triangle Backspace
Action /


Button x PS3 Square F
Drop Heavy Object Button x PS3 Square F
Attack Trigger right PS3 R1 LMB
Throw Weapon Trigger right PS3 R1 LMB
Weapon Change Bumper right PS3 R2 MMB
Kick Bumper left PS3 L2 E
Aim Trigger left PS3 L1 RMB
Flashlight Dpad down PS3 Down T
Inventory Dpad up PS3 Up I
Quest Menu - - L
Skill Tree - - U
Map White left button Select button M
Duck Stick right PS3 R3 L-Ctrl
Drive /


Stick left PS3 R2 / PS3 L3 L-Shift


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