DI Connor
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status deceased, zombie
Location Laboratory bungalows
Quest(s) Deus ex Machina

I'm… I’m Doctor Connor. I've been bitten by the infected and I am dying. But I have something…something that may make a difference…my research…Please…find me…before my mind is gone…
— Connor, pleading for help over the radio.

Doctor Connor was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside one of the scientist bungalows south of the Laboratory, but does not appear until the main quest Pure Blood is activated. Unfortunately, he is mortally wounded and the Hero finds him dying on the floor.

He gives the Hero the side quest Deus ex Machina, in which the Hero must deliver Connor's research to Monroe.

It is pressumed Dr. Connor has turned into a zombie claiming he's been bitten. If the Hero returns to the bungalow after giving the research to Monroe, Dr. Connor will have disappeared.

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