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The Combat Text is the text that pops up when the player deals a damage to enemies. The text varies in colors based on the type of damage the enemy is inflicted. The Blue, Red, Green, and Orange damage types will be even more effective on a critical hit.

Meaning of colors

  • White — Normal/Basic damage. Using any weapon will deal normal damage. Modified weapons will still deal normal damage in addition to their elemental damage type.
  • Blue — Shock damage. Using electric-modified weapons will deal shock damage and can occasionally cause the enemies to be electrocuted. Stepping on areas flowing with electricity will also deal shock damage.
  • Red — Bleeding damage. Using bleed-modified weapons will deal bleeding damage. Xian Mei has an ability that allows her to cause bleed damage with any sharp weapon, and Logan's Fury ability can be upgraded for bleed damage.
  • Green — Poison damage. Using a poisonous weapon will deal poison damage, and a chance for them to get sick and vomit dealing even more damage over time.
  • Orange — Fire damage. Using a weapon with a fire-based modification will deal fire damage on each strike. It can also cause the enemy to burst into flames, dealing damage over time. All explosives deal fire damage in addition to their base damage. Stepping on to areas close to a fire or into it will also deal fire damage.
  • Light blue — Drowning damage. While in combat with an enemy, submerging the enemy's head beneath water level will cause continuous damage. Zombies sleeping in water will also take continuous drowning damage, which was removed in Riptide.

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