Chasing the White Rabbit
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By Kevin
Reward N/A
Task Find your way to the hospital roof.
Location Prison Previous Devil's Labyrinth
Next On The Edge

Chasing the White Rabbit is a very hard quest in Dead Island.


The Heroes get into an elevator to go meet Colonel Ryder White at last. A cutscene reveals that the elevator is gassed, knocking the Heroes, Yerema, and Jin unconscious. They are awakened by Kevin, who tells them that Colonel Ryder White has taken the antidote from them, and is running off on his own. Furthermore, Kevin says that White is planning to bomb the island in order to eliminate the virus.

Kevin suggests that the "badasses" make their way through the building toward the roof, while he, Yerema, and Jin take a safer route.

The bulk of this quest is running a gauntlet of zombies as you make your way through hallway after hallway of the prison, until you reach the rooftop. The best strategy, especially for single players, is to run through the halls, closing the doors behind you to keep zombies contained. Supplies are scarce in the hallways, so unless you have a healthy supply of medkits, survival might be a greater concern than slaying.


  • The white rabbit is a reference to the famous fairy tale; Alice in Wonderland, where Alice follows a white rabbit down its hole and finds "wonderland" and to the movie 'The Matrix' in which the main character is instructed to "follow the white rabbit".

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