Cash is a currency form available in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It is needed to buy new weapons and different components, as well as to upgrade, repair, and modify their current weapons.


Cash is obtained by the Heroes in a number of ways:

  • Common zombies such as Walkers drop from 10–1000 dollars.
  • Special Zombies like Thugs and Rams drop 100–3000 dollars.
  • Cash Registers may hold 5–5000 dollars.
  • Wallets (also found in luggage) may hold 8–300 dollars.
  • Completing certain quests will bring the Heroes a substantial amount of money.

It should be noted that the higher the Hero's level, the more money they will receive. For example, a level 16 character receives about 1200 dollars less from cash quests than a level 28 character.

Once you reach the Laboratory there are 3 safes on the premises of the main building that regularly contain 2-4k in cash.  Two are in the main part of the Laboratory and the third can be found next to the repair table close to the fast travel. There are also cash registers located in the Supermarket district in 2 shops located just Northwest of the Warehouse safe house. By fast-traveling between looting the safes at the Lab and the cash registers in the Supermarket district you can easily farm lots of cash in a short time frame.


  • While all in-game items are ridiculously expensive (many even reach the 4th or 5th digits as the player approaches the higher levels), their real-life counterparts are significantly cheaper. The high prices are usually for balancing reasons and because of the fact that many items are rather hard to come by and need to be scavenged in a zombie apocalypse.
  • while cash is very valuable in the game, cash would be worthless in a real zombie apocalypse

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