Bunker #02 is a Safe House in Dead Island.

Bunker #02 becomes a safehouse after the "Black Hawk Down" quest. The leader and only survivor of this safehouse is Nikolai. In the back room, the Hero has access to a mod table, a fast travel map, and direct access to the back room of Bunker 04 from the manhole. Two metal chests are located in the bunker's turret, including a level 3 metal chest.


  • In the room where the player talks to Nikolai, there is a manhole cover leading to Bunker 04. After entering the tunnel, the player will appear in the back room containing a dead suicider and occasionally, a live one.
  • The bunker is inaccessible before the mission "Black Hawk Down" is completed.
  • Although there are no markings on this bunker, it is officially referred to Bunker #02, another bunker located a little further inland from the north shore is labeled with 02. It is more likely this bunker is actually Bunker #05 based on the numbering scheme of the other resort area bunkers.


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