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Bunglo 4

Bungalow 4 is a building featured in Dead Island. It is located in the Silver Bungalows area .

In the bedroom of the bungalow, there is a zombified woman named Nenja Samejon handcuffed to the bed with cameras surrounding her. Also, the film director is sitting against the wall, he is now a Walker and will attack the hero. The corpse of a woman can be found in the bathtub. There is also a radio that plays seductive music. It is reasonable to assume that some sort of adult film was being shot before the outbreak happened.

A bug can be encountered in game and is often triggered by fighting infected inside of the bungalow. This bug causes Nenja Samejon to be standing on top of the bed, rather than laying on it and she will be free of her handcuffs, however she will not be hostile towards the player.



  • Nenja Samejon is an anagram for Jenna Jameson, the porn star.