"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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Bungalow 15 is a location featured in Dead Island. It is one of the Bungalows in the Resort area of the Banoi Island.


Bungalow 15 can be found south-west of the Lifeguard Tower.

Associated quests



  • When the player enters to room where Anne Snider's teddy bear is there are two survivors, Lucy and Hector Lecter. Hector will attack the player when they're close enough. Lucy only rocks back and forth, talking repeatedly about the blood.
  • Sometimes a zombie will follow you in when you go to get Anne's Teddy. If you leave the zombie alive and lock it in the room with Lucy, it will begin to attack her. However, it only seems to take off one point of health at a time, so it is unknown whether Lucy could ever actually die from this.
"It's bloody beautiful, isn't it?"
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