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Bouncer's Pal
Lightning Bouncers Pal -2
Basic Info
Damage Medium/High
Force High
Stamina Medium
Durability High
Weapon Type Blunt

Bouncer's Pal is a Legendary Baseball Bat found in Dead Island and can be found in a chest or looted from a fallen Zombie. Dead Island: Riptide. It can be obtained through random drops or from metal chests. In Riptide, it's possible to find variations of the Bouncer's Pal (Spiteful, Flimsy, etc.) in designated areas.


•The Bouncer's Pal is a Big Baseball Bat

•When the Lightning and Impact mod are applied, the weapon's appearance drastically changes, having mod parts from the Nail'd mod, Impact mod, Saw Disc Axe mod, Magic Wand mod, and Torch mod.

Dead Island: Riptide

In Riptide, the Bouncer's Pal can be found alongside a pair of corpses and a backpack located by the Halai billboard on the path down from the Hoyahoya Bar.

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