Bottled Shotgun
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Rarity Lethal
Power 293
Critical strike 63
Attack speed 48
Ability Cluster Shot
Modification slots
Formidable 2
Lethal 1
Animal Glue 80
Plastic Scrap 16
Account level 26
Tier 10
Gear points 46.400 (16.000)

Bottled Shotgun is a shotgun featured in Dead Island: Epidemic.

Cluster Shot - Active Perk - Secondary attacks have a chance per rage bar to slow enemies atatck speed.
  • 20% Chance Per Rage Bar
  • 50% Slow Attack
  • 3s Duration

See also: Stock Shotgun, Household Shotgun, Mayonette, Trackman's Loadout rifle, Katana Shotgun, Joker's Rifle, Super Sniper rifle, Brutal Boomstick rifle, Conductive Shot, Distant Cold rifle, The T Wrecks


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