Born to be Wild
DI Born to be Wild
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By John Sinamoi
Reward 2100 XP, 1 Diamonds
Task Recover the truck from the hotel's parking garage.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous Seek'n'Loot
Next Black Hawk Down

"Born to Be Wild" is a very hard quest given to the Hero by John Sinamoi in Dead Island.


The Hero is asked by John Sinamoi to recover a powerful truck from the hotel's parking garage. In the Hotel, Mike Davis meets the Hero at the elevator lobby and asks them to find Ken. When Ken is found, he asks for morphine. Mike Davis then tells the Hero to get to the Security room. Once there, Mike tells them to reset the security server manually to be able to proceed to the parking lot.


Courtesy of: Orion Script (Xbox Live), playing as Logan

A video Walkthrough is at the bottom of this page.

Layout: Very large/multi-room area with mixed lighting
Loot and explore every room and area. There are few Walkers here but generally there's enough good loot (including an id card) to make it worth while. Mike Davis also contacts the Hero while they investigate. He can be found on the other side of a downed elevator, and requires the Hero to find his buddy; after that, he provides information on how to get to the truck.
Storage Room
Layout: Medium
Proceed by jumping down into the elevator, through the doors, into a corridor. In this corridor are some luggage carts and other miscellaneous hotel gear. One luggage cart in particular may come in handy later, as it is immovable and in a fairly centralized location, near where the Hero enters. Continue through this corridor to the double doors which lead to the Kitchen. Don't miss the id card by the second body on the floor. 
There is some confusion about what this area is. It looks similar to storage areas but is actually a short corridor from the kitchen to the elevators allowing for easy movement of room service as well as serving the bar/restaurant the Hero just passed through.
This is recommended as the last place to quit/restart from before reaching the safety of the office with the wounded guard Ken in it. It's also the best place to collect lots of Brand Champagne during Act 1. Loot the refrigerators and then quit and reload. The checkpoint starts you at the bottom of the elevators with the doors closed (thus you're safe) all over again. Wounded? Rush into the kitchen and grab some of the nearby food then quit before the undead can reach you. Reload with your now improved health.
Layout: Large with dark lighting
Near the center of the Kitchen, there is a Thug. Before dealing with him, dispose of the Walker to the left, on the ground, posing as a dead body. Also, upon entering you may be attacked by a Walker from further back in the room. The Thug will ignore you if you kick the first Walker and retreat into the hallway. Kill both Walkers prior to turning your attention to the Thug.

If the second Walker doesn't follow you, you can go around to the left and jump over the stove next to the wall to get at him without being bothered by the Thug. You can block the Thug from the hallway by simply closing the double doors. For him, assuming you have no fury or a shortage of exploding/burning weapons on hand, draw his aggression with a thrown weapon, or if you have a gun, a bullet. It's up to play style as to how you kill him exactly, either kick and hit method, or the following:

Lure him into the hallway and over to the centralized luggage cart, and allow him to chase you around it. Easy pickings for thrown weapons as you can pluck them out of his body from safely out of reach. Your kicks are also able to reach him through the cart and may prove handy for this trick. Once he's done proceed into the kitchen. 
There are several other Walkers in the kitchen, some acting dead, others openly feeding. Be cautious around the south-west corner of the kitchen, since there is a group of Walkers on the other side of a shelving unit, which may be equipped with weapons that they WILL throw at you. These may be picked up and used against them. Weapons do clear the shelving unit, so throwing a Molotov Cocktails through it at oncoming hoards is possible.
To the south are double doors, north is a hallway, and north-west a passage leading south along the wall of the kitchen, to that heap of undead carnage you (hopefully) created a moment ago.
As soon as you step around the northwest corner, you face two Walkers, easily dispatched. The passage leads to another portion of the kitchen overrun by zombies. Avoid them by going right after you enter and then a left, or continue straight and then turn left. There is a set of double doors that can be entered without attracting zombies in after you.

The double doors to the right lead to a freezer containing some meat hanging from the ceiling and a Walker.

The double doors to the south lead to a small empty room with more double doors that lead to The Table Room, and the lively hoard of undead on the other side of the double doors in THAT room.
Once the Hoard is dispatched, proceed through double doors leading to The Table Room in it to the south.
Northern Hallway
Layout: Narrow
The Hallway to the north of the kitchen leads to the Freezer. As you traverse it toward the Freezer, Mike Davis warns you about the ungodly mob of zombies in the kitchen and tells you to "hurry to the boiler room".
Layout: Large/multi-room area with dark lighting and foggy interiors
Inside the freezer, it is dark and foggy. Your flashlight is recommended. Dispatch the Walker and loot the two bodies. There is also an ID on the floor. To the right of where you entered is another double door, and another Walker may be seen through the glass. At the north-west end is another double door.
The door to the right (the one you can see the Walker in) is a MUCH foggier room. Dispatch the Walker and loot the trashcan. You WILL need your flashlight in here. To the north-east is another passage as well as a metal chest. This passage leads into the Northern Hallway.

Now may be a good time to go back and waste the undead you avoided in getting here, especially if you have built up enough fury or have a good crowd control weapons.

Continuing in the freezer, go through the northwest double doors. Passing through them leads you to yet another set of lovely double doors, through which another body may be seen. Through these doors is the kitchen, again, bringing you full circle back to the Hoard. 
South Table Room
Layout: Medium/multi-room area
There are double doors immediately to the left upon entry, as well as a lootable container. To the southwest is another passage. There is a dessicated corpse on the floor but otherwise room seems empty of any possible face-eaters. The passage to the southwest is a small room or closet, with an open door leading to a short hallway, leading to a Red-Lit Hallway. There is a Banoi Herald Excerpt on the luggage rack on the right hand side.
Combined Kitchen Area
Layout: Multi-room area with doors
The kitchen area consists of two sections (the second is optional), a short hallway with three walk-in freezers, and two side rooms. From the corridor at the base of the stairs: the kitchen is in the center, with the hallway and freezers to the right, and the two side rooms to the left.

There are lots of foes here but they're spread out and easily handled if you take your time and use positioning to your advantage. There are two Thugs and many Walkers, so nothing moving very fast. You can kill everything if you want, but that's optional. Alternatively, you can just hurry through the first kitchen section to the left into the side rooms and from there enter the Red Lit Hallway.

Through the double doors from the hallway (in the first half of the kitchen) is a Thug with a body lying next to the counter on the left, and a Walker behind the Thug, off to the right. The body is actually a Walker. Kick it and retreat into the hallway. The Thug or the second Walker may follow you, so close the door if you want them to ignore you.

Once you've killed all three zombies here, go through the door on the right side of the room; there's a body with a Hammer lying next to it. Immediately in front of this are some more bodies and another open doorway. This doorway leads to the second part of the kitchen.

Don't go into the second half of the kitchen. Instead, turn left and clear out the small freezers (this is where you will find Brand Champagne). A body on the floor is a Walker, and is easily killed without attracting the attention of the other two Walkers nearby (one of which is also posing as a dead body).

Deal with the other two, and then go through the doorway immediately in front of you. It leads to the two side rooms on the left of the kitchen. Go through it if you wish to avoid further undead in this area, or look through the shelving unit to see several Walkers. If they have weapons, they throw them through the shelves at you (and you can do the same). Two more bodies are on the floor.

Proceed into the hallway to the walk-in freezers.
The first one is filled with fog but the lone walker in the center is visible. Kill it. then loot the trash can and two weapon chests. The partially open door to the next walk-in freezer cannot be closed once opened. Of three bodies in the next freezer, one is a lurking Walker. Pass through to the third walk-in freezer which is empty of undead (but has food). The door from this walk-in freezer to the second part of the kitchen is the most interesting thing. From here you can enter the second part of the kitchen to loot while attracting only a few Walkers at a time.
Methodically loot and clear out Walkers and retreat into the freezer (closing the door behind) as needed until only the Thug at the center of the area is left. Then throw things at the Thug (a Molotov Cocktail is best, if it's available).

The doorway in the far wall leads to the two side rooms you haven't yet entered, which completes this area.

Red Lit Hallway
Layout: Narrow/long with dark lighting and foggy areas
To the left of the door is a Walker who tries to grab you and scare the bejesus out of you. Down the hallway to the right is another Walker who will come to the aid of the first. Kill!

Once they are dead, find snacks to the left.

To the right is a metal chest, and another door that leads to another hallway. An Infected is waiting to charge you down at the other end, and WILL notice you when you step around the corner. Recommend throwing weapons or using guns if you have them. Good old fashioned beatdown works too though.

Continuing down the hallway, you'll find a barred-off door, and a corner. This is a good spot to recharge your flashlight as you can back into the corner and face outwards. This area is very foggy.

The corner is part of a T junction, to the right is another barred door and to the left are two Infected who will attack you immediately. There's no way to avoid this; you'll have to brawl with at least one of them, but try to take one out before he reaches you.
Near the end of this hallway is another open door, on the right. Proceed through it.
Boiler Room
Layout: Small area with a workbench
Time to rest! The boiler room has a Workbench to fix your toys that you have hopefully been putting to excellent use on zombie skulls. There is another door inside this room leading to the Pool.
Open and close the door into the pool to let in some zombies, and then kill them. Do this until you have whittled down the overwhelming numbers of undead in the pool room. You might not want to take too long to do this, as there is a chance that the two recently slain Infected might re-spawn outside the doorway you entered through. This has not been tested, so they may never re-spawn, but it's up to you whether you want to tempt fate (or the game design).

Be certain you're as healthy as possible before proceeding through the door...

Layout: Large/multi-room area
This is a rather nasty area full of screaming Infected and shambling Walkers. In this case I fully agree with the below video as to how to manage this room. Lure the hapless hoard into the doorway and pummel them mercilessly. Throwing is of little help here unless you are seriously upgraded, and have splash damage. Use whatever Fury you have available.

The pool itself does not appear to inflict the normal water damage to downed undead as it does in other places, rendering the drowning strategy useless (there are conflicting reports about whether this is true, depending on whether you are playing on PC or a console).

This fairly massive area is actually quite empty once you scrub out the undead. In terms of loot, there are two trash cans and some food.

Fix your gear before moving on from the Pool.

An alternate strategy is to equip a fast hitting, high damage weapon, open the door to the pool and use kicks to deal with any undead that attack. Close the door when more approach. Wait for the undead to return, and repeat. If too many get to you, use the weapon you're holding. In this way you can whittle down the numbers without being overwhelmed.

It may be possible to run back down the hallway to get them to de-aggro too (if needed). I think using a Meat Bait and a Molotov Cocktail would be highly effective here as well (open door, throw one, wait, throw other, close door). As the Meat Bait Mod isn't received until completing Drop by Drop in Act II, this may not be an option except on a second playthrough.

There is a doorway that leads to a hallway on the south-west end.
Shower Rooms
Layout: Multi-room area with dark lighting and foggy areas
At the end of the hallway are Shower Rooms. There's a Walker at the end of the hall. He is easily dispatched, but another comes to help. Around the back side of the showers is a desiccated corpse and another Walker playing dead.
Loop back to the north next to where you came in and there is another small room, with double doors to the left and an ID on the shelves to the right. Straight ahead is a bathroom.

In the bathroom, there is a Walker in one of the stalls to the right.

Through the double doors, in the locker room, are two Walkers wandering in the next room. Striking one instantly aggravates both, even if one is out of sight.

There are two snacks near the open double doors; grab those, and then exit.

Hall Of Pools And Stairs
Layout: Multi-stories with medium areas and mixed lighting
After leaving the locker room, you come into an oddly shaped area; to the right is a dead end, and to the left is a larger area with a pool and fountains in it, as well as stairs. On the upper levels are Walkers, but be warned: they will attack you from the stairs.

A Deo-Bomb or Molotov Cocktail is an effective way of dispatching a fairly large number of the zombies, then deal with the open area and stairs.

The Walkers do know how to use the stairs if you're at the bottom of them. Use this to your advantage; as they come down the stairs, kick them and keep them from getting to you. They'll keep trying to go around the corner of the stairs, so just keep kicking them away. Be careful though, if you are too close to the stairs, they'll attack you from there.

Also, the balcony railings are glass. The Walkers may push hard enough to break through them. If they fall, most die from the fall; some may require a little finishing off, or you can take the opportunity to move on before they can recover and chase you.

You can encourage zombies to fall by throwing a weapon or shooting a bullet to shatter one of the glass railings above. You need to be near (or in) the pools to get them to proceed through the railings.

There is a solitary Walker in the open area, and it can receive water damage if you get it face down in the fountain. There may still be a pile of zombies at the top of the stairs despite using a Deo-Bomb Molotov Cocktail so proceed with caution.

There is a lounge area on the upper level where the Hero can buy energy drinks. At the far end of the catwalk from the stairs the roar of a Thug may be heard.

At the end of the catwalk is a breakdown door leading into an office.
Office Spaces
Layout: Multi-room and medium areas with mixed lighting
This is a checkpoint. It's the best one to use if going to quit and reload until you reach the guard room. There's some food in here so you can heal up with a few quick reloads too.
The small office is empty, except for some loot.

Ken is hiding in the tiny back room. Throughout the conversation, you'll hear a Thug roaring, and the aggro soundtrack will play. That'll keep you on edge, but nothing actually attacks you there.

Just outside of Ken's small room is another door. Proceed through it into a small room with an overturned luggage cart and several lootables. Dig in. Once done, there are double doors on the other end. 

Through the doors are Walkers. You know what to do.

To the left is a hallway with a couple Walker]s in it, and to the right is a door. There is a pillar in the center of the room. Remember that. It comes in handy in a moment.

The door to the left requires a key card to access, leaving the right door as only option. Through this door is a small unlit area, in which the Thug you've been hearing is hiding. He will go aggro instantly.

Lure him back into the room where the two Walkers were, and lead him around the pillar. Cut off or break arms as he stops to roar often, and is easy to get behind by circling around the pillar. Once he's finally silenced, continue back into his room.

It's another small office similar to Ken's, only not as well lit. Moving on through it brings you to the medicinal room. There is one Walker in the room. He is easily dealt with. The interesting thing about these two spaces is that they overlook the pool, and the re-spawning undead around it. Take in the view. Also interestingly, the hat stand may be taken as a weapon. It's essentially perfectly useless (at your level anyway). But hey, desperate times.
Once you have the morphine, return to Ken.
Ken passes in a heart-wrenching, wretched way. You just can't help but feel bad for the guy. And hope that he doesn't come back later as a zombie, because that would be freaking horrible.

Your objective now is to get to the security room. Which just happens to be through the door with the key card reader we noticed earlier. 

Behind the Glass Door
Layout: Large multi-room areas
Once you're through the glass doors, kill the Walkers and continue. You'll encounter anotther Walker and an Infected, and another Infected behind the door. In the room with the Infected is a Banoi Herald Excerpt. Be careful around the windows in the main area of this passage, they can be broken out and you likely can fall out of them for some hearty damage.
Two more Walkers wait around the next curve. Be ready. A third is lurking in the shadows of the room next door. There's a Recording on a table on the right, in the lounge. Make sure you grab it. There's also a vending machine in case you're feeling woozy.
Two Walkers may attack while you are paying tribute to the god of beverage, so be ready to defend yourself. Moving on down the hallway, it darkens further, and becomes foggy later on. To the right, just before you reach the fog is a ladies restroom that may be entered. There are a couple lootable containers in here, but otherwise it's empty.
Moving forward, the air becomes cloudy. If you look carefully through the fog there is a Walker visible. It is on the other side of a pane of glass but he'll go aggro and charge right through as soon as you get close. Also, the foggy area is very short lived. Bust through the glass pane that leads to the long hallway laden with junk. There are zombies on your right.

There are also a lot of lootables through here. Stock up.

There's more glass panes at the end. Smashy time. Once through, Mike Davis refuses to open the doors until you deal with the dead 'uns. There are only two Walkers and an Infected, and they fall fast. Proceed to meet your new best friend. Don't forget to loot as you go.
The final hallways have more computers than any other single location in the game. They're in groups of four. Loot them all. If you save and reload in the guard room, come back down the hallway and loot them again.
Control Room
Layout: Safe haven with a workbench
The second rest stop in this hearty quest, this safe room comes complete with all the amenities you could desire: a workbench, a vending machine. Its like Heaven. Oh... and Mike Davis. He might be useful.
There's a metal chest in the room with Mike Davis. Talk to him to update your quest.

Mike tells you that you need to reboot the security server manually. He unlocks a door in the northwest corner of the room. Proceed through it.

Server Rooms
Layout: Large multi-room area
Through the door is a small office with two doors in it, one to the left and one straight ahead. There's also a terminal to reset the firewall and security system. There are lootables in this small space and an ID on the corner of the desk.

Close all doors before rebooting the security server. As long as you do that, rebooting the server doesn't trigger any now zombie encounters.

Through the door on the left is a Thug and Walker. The Thug can be a real challenge if he corners you in the confined space. Use explosive and burning weapons if you have them, or Fury if it's built up. Otherwise, good luck.

The next room is a medium-sized room with a large number of bulky servers lining the walls and another terminal to reboot. There are some bodies about, and the Molotov Blueprint in the corner. DEFINITELY grab it.

If you've been looting, you should have a load of alcohol by now (and probably some rags, and there is that nice workbench nearby...). There is also a snack on the desk.

At the north end is a door, with zombies behind it.

Passing through the north door brings the player into a tiny room with another door. A well placed explosive or burning weapon can take out the three at the door of the next room if you time it right and close the door right after you throw. There are other Walkers about in this room though so stay alert. This is a large room packed with other servers. Its the very same room we saw earlier, back in the Behind the Glass Door area, near the end. Clean house, with caution.
There are two terminals in this room. Activating them triggers no attacks. There are two doors at the south of this room. The first leads back to the first room you came through in this section and the other back the way you came.

Return to Mike Davis.

Mike tells you the system is mostly back up, and that the door to the garage is open. He expresses worry over the power to the garage, though. The doors to the east are unlocked.
Layout: Large multi-room area with mixed lighting (garage is dark and foggy)
If you missed anything earlier in the hotel (after the elevator drop), this is your last chance to backtrack and get it.
Passing through the eastern door brings you to a stairway on the right and passageway directly ahead. The passageway leads to a small dark elevator lobby. There is a lootable trash can. You now have the option to go up or down the stairs. 
Upstairs is a small lobby with a Walker and a vending machine.
Downstairs is the Garage. 
At the bottom of the stairs are a couple of overturned cabinets and a Walker on the other side. There are several lootables in this area, too. The Walker can clear the cabinets.

You'll hear a Thug but you won't see him yet.

There are double doors leading to the garage.

In the garage, you may be randomly attacked by Infected. It's dark and foggy and there are Walkers and the Thug you heard earlier. There's also an Infected directly ahead but out of sight). The truck is parked in the center of the garage, visible the instant you open the door. If you go directly to the truck, there's no getting back out, so if you want loot then investigate around the garage (there are about seven loot drops here).
As soon as you climb into the truck it cuts to a cut-scene and then you are outside. For some reason, you get out of the truck. A helicopter is crashing over head and Infected are bearing down on you. Get in and drive. Take it to the Lifeguard Tower and talk to John Sinamoi
Idle speculation: nothing ever comes of Mike's concerns about there being power problems with the garage door. The garage is larger than the area you are allowed to access, though (thanks to "invisible walls"), even though you are able to see undead and items in other areas of the garage. Possibly there was another portion of the quest meant to occur (opening the garage?) but maybe it was cut for some reason.


  • Once you complete this quest you will no longer be able to access any other area of the Hotel (Kitchen, Showers, Offices, Garage) except the reception. If you are trying to obtain all the collectibles make sure you do not skip any in those areas before you enter the truck.
  • It is possible to access the Kitchen and other areas of the hotel even after completing the mission if you die in the bar/restaurant area of the reception.
  • This quest is a reference to the Steppenwolf song, "Born To Be Wild".
  • During the "Reset the security system" portion of the quest, the terminal refers to the firewall instead of the security system. This is probably an oversight by the developers. Or perhaps Mike Davis, being a security guard and not an IT guy, doesn't know the difference. And certainly the firewall is part of the security system.
  • Its worth noting that the "Molotov Blueprint" is perhaps the cheapest way of making Molotov Cocktails, requiring only two alcohol bottles, $50 and a rag. On the other hand for 3 bottles of alcohol and no rag you can get a Molotov Cocktail and 100XP with the Death in the Glass repeatable quest. Molotov Cocktails are a devastating weapon, assuming you don't get yourself caught in the flames.


  • Talk to John Sinamoi.
  • Find the door keycard.
  • Get to the hotel parking lot.
  • Get to the hotel.
  • Find your way to the hotel parking lot.
  • Find a guard named Ken.
  • Get some morphine for Ken.
  • Give Ken morphine.
  • Get to the security room.
  • Kill all the undead in the corridor.
  • Get to the security room.
  • Get to the server room.
  • Reset the security system in the server room.
  • Find the Truck.
  • Drive the Truck to John Sinamoi.
  • Talk to John Sinamoi.

Video Walkthrough

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