Sam B specializes in blunt weapons

Blunt weapons are weapons that utilize heavy wooden and metal force to crush zombies to dust. Blunt weapons usually have more durability and force than sharp weapons, but tend to do less damage, require more stamina per hit and attack slower, especially two-handed blunt weapons. Some blunt weapons are various bats, both wooden and metal, hammers, sticks and batons.

Blunt weapons, unlike bladed weapons, can be modded to increase their force, which increases the amount of stamina that an enemy loses when it is hit with it, and increases instant K.O. chance. Force is also added directly to the weapon's damage when a zombie is hit with it on the ground. Also, the higher a weapon's force is, the higher the chance that the player will break an enemy's appendages. This is especially useful against Thugs and Infected, as Thugs can only bite with two broken arms, and Infected can only crawl with two broken legs.

Sam B, the "Tank", specializes in the use of these. Logan also has some profiency with Blunt Weapons but not as much as Sam B.


  • Brass Knuckles are classed as Blunt Weapons in Dead Island but in Dead Island: Riptide, they are classed as hand-to-hand weapons so Sam B is not able to boost their effectiveness in Dead Island: Riptide.
  • If Sam B has the Blunt Expert skill,the player is able to "stun-lock" enemies by aiming at their head with a blunt weapon when close enough and continuously attacking. Sam B will repeatedly do a quick downward strike followed by more powerful upward swing that does massive damage and keeps enemies stunned. Sam B may also begin this combo by either punching the enemy a few times or hitting them with the handle of the weapon. The player must keep the cross-hair on the enemy or else the combo will end. Using this combo on regular enemies will most likely result in the downward swing knocking the enemy to the ground too fast before Sam B can launch the follow-up attack. Sam B is the only character capable of doing this. Xian Mei is able to do the same combo with Bladed weapons but it will not stun enemies as easily.


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