Bloody Valentine
DI Bloody Valentine
Difficulty Easy
Given By Roger Nelson
Reward 700 XP, Homemade Double Blade
Task Take Jessica, Roger's wife, to James at the Lighthouse.
Location Golden Bungalows Previous N/A
Next N/A

"Bloody Valentine" is an easy quest in Dead Island given to the Hero by Roger Nelson.


The Hero is asked by wounded Roger Nelson to take his wife, Jessica Nelson, to James Stein and his group of survivors located at the Lighthouse. Conveniently, there is a truck in front of the house.

To get the quest the truck will have to be backed out of the house. Drive it into the red circle and wait for Jessica Nelson to climb into the passenger seat (in multi-player make sure only the driver is in the cab). Now drive to the Lighthouse and park in the red circle.

If the Hero returns to the bungalow after completing the quest, Roger Nelson will still be in the bathroom, as a Walker. Return trips to the bungalow will find it empty.


Video Walkthrough

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - Bloody Valentine02:43

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - Bloody Valentine


  • The title of this quest is a possible reference to a 1981 slasher film, My Bloody Valentine.

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