Blood on the Sand
Quest Blood on the Sand 2
Difficulty Easy
Given By Jeannine
Reward 2000 XP
Task Help the lifeguard get rid of the undead.
Location Pool House Previous Chaos Overture
Next Passport to Life

Blood on the Sand is an easy quest given to the Hero by Jeannine in Dead Island. This mission is a combat tutorial and is considered to be part of the Prologue to Dead Island after completing Chaos Overture.


When the Hero wakes up, Jack asks them if they can hear him before he smashes their head. The Hero finally nods, and Jack leaves them alone.

Jeannine stops the Hero near the door to tell them that John Sinamoi is fighting the zombies alone outside the Pool House. Before the Hero can leave they have to grab the paddle propped next to the door.

After the Hero arms themselves, Wayne helps to open the door and the Hero leaves the Pool House. A moment later a zombie punches the Hero, causing them to fall onto the sand. Sinamoi tells them that they must hit the zombies head to kill them.

After all the zombies are dead, an undead appears behind the Hero and is about to grab them. Luckily, Sinamoi kills it by throwing a knife straight at the zombie's head.



  • A bug may happen when Sinamoi dies short after the Hero falls on the sand, stands up and the player regains control. There are two ways to break the situation, to reload the last checkpoint or to rush to Sinamoi and hit all the zombies that attack him.

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