"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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Bitter Return
Difficulty Easy
Given By N/A
Reward 6500 XP
Task Escape from City Hall
Location City Hall Previous Supermarket Journey
Next Lady in Trouble

Bitter Return is a quest in Dead Island.


Upon returning to the Town Hall, the Hero finds it overrun by the undead and must escape.

The sidequest Big Daddy, Where Are You? also activates once this quest activates.


Before starting this quest, go back to the Supermarket. There are 14 Coolers you can look in, all possible carriers of Brand Champagne, which you can trade to Svetlana for 1000 XP and one Diamond each. Diamonds are needed to craft the special Developer's Crafts, but are also worth $1500 each. Once you reach the survivors in the Supermarket turn back and go back to the sewers; repeat as often as you like for unlimited Brand Champagne.

Video Walkthrough

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