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The Barbed Wire Mod is a weapon modification featured in the Dead Island series. It is a modification used by the Hero at a workbench to modify a number of blunt weapons.


The mod will wrap barbed wire around a blunt weapon, causing significantly more damage and giving a chance to deal bleed damage.
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"Here is a simple way to use the barbed wire as an addition to various types of clubs. Thanks to that easy procedure you'll be able to seriously mutilate anyone unlucky enough to be wounded with it."
Find it in the cellars (on a table next to the workbench) beneath the Supermarket when doing the quest "Supermarket Journey".
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Barbed Wire Mod


Dead Island

  • The blueprint is acquired in the supermarket. When you exit the sewers and go on to battle the zombies and the floater zombie. The room on the left where to workbench is the mod is in that room.

Dead Island: Riptide

  • Acquired by the Hero during the New Beginnings quest, inside the workshop.


"It's bloody beautiful, isn't it?"
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