BIDF logo

The B.I.D.F. logo in the Arena Lobby

The Banoi Island Defense Force, abbreviated as B.I.D.F., is a military force in Dead Island tasked with defending the island of Banoi.

Dead Island

It appears as though the B.I.D.F. is blockading the island during the events of Dead Island, due to the information gathered revealing that the ships are approximately 80 miles off shore.

At the end of Act II, the Hero is able to make contact with Ryder White, better known as the "Voice". He reveals that he is a Colonel in the B.I.D.F., and that he is currently holed up in the Prison. In order to reach him, the Hero must travel to Mingende and talk to Mowen, a smuggler. He also reveals that the B.I.D.F. has a fleet located 80 miles off the coast, but it is caught in the approaching monsoon.

At the end of Act IV, when the player tries to reach the last helicopter out, Ryder sends his men to finish the Hero. In the last battle, some infected members of the B.I.D.F. attack the player along with Infected White.

Bloodbath Arena

In the Bloodbath Arena DLC, a small unit of B.I.D.F. soldiers commanded by a Major named Dixon have been sent to an old bunker that was supposed to be an evacuation point as well as a quarantine area. As the virus spread rampant throughout Banoi, Colonel White ordered the evac point to be closed down and for Major Dixon and his men to kill the infected that were quarantined. Major Dixon and his men decided to turn their orders into a "game", allowing their men to take on hordes of zombies at a time and receive rewards for their survival.

The Heroes soon come across the bunker and are allowed by Major Dixon to participate in the "game".

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