According to the 2000 census, 96% of PNG citizens were Christian, though many combine their Christian faith with traditional indigenous beliefs and practices, such as animism and ancestor worship.
Banoi Herald Excerpt #33
Banoi Herald Excerpt #33 is a collectible item in Dead Island. It can be found in the Laboratory map of Act III. It is part of the My collectibles, let me show you them! challenge, and the Gotta find'em all and Nearly there achievements.

In the Laboratory map; you'll get there during "Man of Faith." Near the next block of buildings up the road to the camp of natives is a group of zombies breaking into a house with scientists inside. The excerpt will be lying on the stool next to the first building in this block, left of the road.

Bug: in the Definitive Edition, this excerpt is inside the building, which can't normally be entered without exploits.

Can be seen on the following map: