This article is about the quest. For the survivor, see Banoi Butcher (Survivor).

Banoi Butcher
DI Banoi Butcher
Difficulty Hard
Given By Angel
Reward 3000 XP, Zed's Demise
Task Stop the Butcher of Banoi from terrorizing the prison.
Location Prison Previous Titus Andronikus
Next N/A

Banoi Butcher is a hard quest given to the Hero by Angel in Dead Island.


The Hero must find the Banoi Butcher and kill him, as he terrifies everyone in the prison.

The main issue in dealing with the quest is making sure that you are 100% ready to face him before bypassing the two prisoners guarding the doors to his area, as they will lock the door behind you in fear that the Banoi Butcher will escape. Once inside, the Hero passes through a hallway littered with corpses before confronting the Banoi Butcher, who charges at him. Once he is killed, the Hero leaves and claims the reward, the Zed's Demise.

The way to the Banoi Butcher is littered with corpses and a few minor lootables, the most notable of which is a box of small rifle ammo. On passing through a doorway to an office area the Banoi Butcher makes a speech. Only then does the keycard for access to the office he's actually in turn green.

Open the last door and enter. By staying near the door he didn't attack. It was then easy to hit him with thrown weapons until he was dead (bullets, Molotov Cocktails, etc. would work well too). Once hit he did act but this was mainly to swing his machete in a downward chop with every step forward, obviously hitting only floor. Don't forget to loot the weapon chest before leaving.

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