Back in Black
Difficulty Medium
Given By Mowen
Reward N/A
Task Take 4 rods from the workshop of Jin's father, and place them on the boat.
Location N/A Previous Boat Supplies
Next No Time to Talk

"Back in Black" is a quest given to the Hero by Mowen in Dead Island.


Mowen agrees to take the Hero to the Prison, but he needs some modifications made to the boat, and Jin knows where to find the materials: the Old Marina Workshop.

When you reach the dock, you're greeted by several zombies. Proceed slowly; the dock has a break in it that zombies will not cross; zombies notice you when you cross this break, so trigger their advance by crossing it, and then use it as a barrier between you and them.

In single player mode, expect 6 Walkers, 1 Thug, 1 Suicider, and 4 Infected (in pairs). Most are milling about the rear of the workshop but some are hidden off to the side.

Once you kill all zombies, the area can be searched without problem. The rods are behind the workshop so there's no actual need to go into it (or even around the side). However, the workshop contains pistol ammo, 3 weapon chests, and Food. The back room is still inaccessible; a cutscene later explains why.

The Suicider may re-spawn if you enter the workshop. There are several zombies on and in the adjacent warehouse, plus a Banoi Herald Excerpt 10 and ID Card 16 on the roof.

Once you have the rods, return to the boat and deposit them at the back of the deck.

After delivering the rods to the boat, merely approaching Jin will trigger a cutscene, finish the quest, and automatically begin "No Time to Talk" mission starting at Mowen's Boat in the Laboratory area.


  • Once this quest is finished and No Time to Talk is begun, the Laboratory will be overrun by undead, making it impossible to complete or turn in lab sidequests. Complete them all before performing this quest.


  • The title of this quest may be a reference to the 1980 AC/DC album and song of the same name.

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