BIDF Soldiers
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Location Prison
Quest(s) Chasing the White Rabbit

Don't let 'em get behind you!
— BIDF Soldier

The BIDF Soldiers are human enemies in Dead Island. They are trying to stop you from escaping the island and will stop at nothing to kill you. These soldiers are equipped with the latest firearms and body armor to give them the maximum advantage in combat. You only encounter these foes as you are making your last desperate attempt to escape Banoi.


Stay in cover and focus on taking these soldiers as they pop out of cover to take shots at you with their Auto Rifles. Your weapon modifications and the amount of Medical Kits you currently have with you are the only things that will help you as waves of these soldiers constantly assault you. Stay calm and take good shots to conserve ammo until you can run to the next cover and pick up any ammo that was dropped by fallen soldiers of the BIDF Squadron.


Strangely, the BIDF Soldiers defending White's helicopter have different uniforms than those under Major Dixon's command. White's soldiers have grey shirts under their vests whilst Dixon's men have camouflaged shirts.

BIDF Soldiers
Level Health
1 400
9 500
16 720
31 1300
40 1600
50 1800

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