Each item in Dead Island Epidemic gives a character Attribute stats which improve the characters in the game.


Every character starts off with a base power of 200 points, power gives characters damage and health. Every Tier of weapon has it's own set power.

  • 10 points of power is equal to 1 damage.
  • 10 points of power is equal to 15 health.


Stamina increases your base movement speed and the cool down of your dodge ability.

  • 10 points of stamina is equal to 1% increased movement speed.
  • 10 points of stamina is equal to 1.5% increased cool down reduction on your dodge ability.


Block increases the chance to block an attack of a weapon or physical zombie attack by 60% of the damage.

  • 10 points of block is equal to 2.5% block chance.


Defense decreases the damage taken by weapons and skills.

  • 10 points of defense is equal to 1.25% damage reduction.

Life Leech

Life leech gives you some of your health back when attacking an enemy with your primary attack.

  • 10 points of Life Leech is equal to 1.8% Life Leech.

Attack speed

Attack speed increases how fast you can attack with your weapon.

  • 10 points of Attack speed is equal to 1% increased Attack speed.

Critical Strike

Critical Strike increases the chance you have to hit a Critical Strike and do an additional 50% damage with Primary and secondary attacks, Critical Strikes are shown in yellow text.

  • 10 points of Critical Strike is equal to 2.5% chance to hit a Critical Strike.


Fury increases how much rage is generated from Primary attacks, once enough rage is generated, it makes a rage bar, depending on how many rage bars a player has, they can make a powerful secondary attack.

  • 10 points of Fury is equal to 5% increased rage generation.


Focus increases the damage that skills do and decreases the cool down of skills.

  • 10 points of Focus is equal to 0.75% increased skill damage.
  • 10 points of Focus is equal to 1% skill cool down reduction.

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