The Assasin's Poison Mod is a new mod added in Patch 1.3. The mod can only be applied to Spiked Brass Knuckles, Badass Brass Knuckles, and Brutal Brass Knuckles. The mod adds a Poison Effect and a Bleed Effect to the weapons.


"Brass Knuckles, a couple blades and poison thorns - that is my answer to the urgent demand born within the couple last days. Put all of them together according to the description below and don't hesitate to use it when you come across a living dead. You have to be quick and determined - leave the rest to my super brass knuckles..."
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Found on the Resort map, inside the southern most island bar, behind a locked door, on the counter.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Assasin's Poison Mod



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