Ashes to Ashes
Quest Ashes to Ashes
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By Mike
Reward 900 XP, Molotov Cocktail
Task Bring fuel from the gas station to burn the bodies.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous To Kill Time
Next Fiery Drinks

"Ashes to Ashes" is a very hard quest given to the Hero by Mike in Dead Island. This is one of two sidequests that have to be completed to complete the To Kill Time main quest.


Mike asks the Hero to bring fuel from the gas station to the Lifeguard Tower so they can burn the dead bodies.

If the Hero already completed the quest "Lazarus Rising", they can take the car (there is a delay at the end of that quest before the truck is ready, however). When at the Lighthouse Gas Station, they have to defeat zombies that are close to the station's shop, and the survivors inside (Sathiss and Dan Mark) will let them in, only to tell them that there is no power and the pumps don't work.

To turn the power on, the Hero goes to the warehouse where the switch is. The entry is through the roof skylight where there are also some crates that can be thrown and a little food. Drop onto the barrels to avoid falling damage and quickly open the barred door to get some space to fight the Thug. After defeating the zombies inside (1 Thug and some Walkers) they flip the switch. If you don't unbar the main garage door it will be sealed anytime you return, which may be to your advantage (you can't get the truck out, however, but you probably have the one you probably arrived in anyway). The Hero takes an empty canister and fills it with fuel (being attacked by Infected as he does so), then puts it into truck's trunk and goes back to the Lifeguard Tower, where he places it in the designated spot near Mike.



  • Sometimes when playing co-op, the place to put the fuel canister may not appear. The solution to this is exiting the game and switching to single player.

Video walkthrough

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