Antonio Margarete
DI Antonio Margarete
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Italy Italian

Status Alive
Location Moresby - Pump Station

If we want tap water, we need to close those hydrants. Let me tell you where they are approximately. There's a car in the loading area under the crane. You're gonna need it.
— Antonio, explaining that the hydrants need to be closed

Antonio Margarete is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside the Pump Station. He is first seen during the side quest Drowned Hope, after the Hero has cleared the area of bandits. Once it is safe, Antonio and Frank lead the Hero to the control room, where he checks up on the station.

Antonio then gives the side quest Drop by Drop, in which the Hero must go around the pump station and close the five leaking hydrants.


  • Antonio's name is a reference to Antonio Margheriti, an Italian "exploitation" filmmaker responsible for films such as "Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye" and "Cannibal Apocalypse". He was rumoured to be involved in the fun, but awful "Hell Of The Living Dead" as well, a 1980 film coincidentally about zombies on a tropical island.

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