Anne Snider
DI Anne Snider
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 20
Family Jennifer Snider (sister)
Status Alive
Location Golden Bungalows
Quest(s) Toy Story

Teddy, where have you been? You've been a bad boy! Say thank you to the nice people.
— Anne, After Teddy is given to her

Anne Snider is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is found in the same bungalow as Kim, located near the Royal Palms Resort. She gives the Hero the side quest Toy Story, in which the Hero must retrieve her lost teddy bear. Her sister, Jennifer Snider, believes Anne is having a mental breakdown and is acting like a 5-year-old, instead of a 20-year-old.

She is also the primary focus of the side quest "Two Hearts", in which the Hero must find Anne at the request of her sister, Jennifer Snider. Once Anne has been found, the Hero must return to Jennifer and tell her that Anne is safe.


  • Her character model is a palette swap of Svetlana (Anne being paler and in a green/yellow bikini, Svetlana being more tan and in a blue bikini).
  • Because she calls herself Annie all the time and talks to a Teddy Bear, it may be a reference to the game ""Forget Me Not Annie", in which the main character is a little girl with schizophrenia, and she takes her Teddy Bear with her everywhere she goes.
    • It is not clear how this could be true, however, since Forget Me Not Annie had a release date in March 2012, six months after the Dead Island release.
  • Anne Snider, in close relation with her teddy bear, may as well be a reference to the game League of Legends. In this game, one of the playable characters or so called champions is named Annie, which also has a close bond to her teddy bear, called Tibbers.

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