Amber Chi
DI Amber Chi
Vital statistics
Gender Female

Laos Laotian

Family Vang Chi (father)
Status Alive (likely escaped with her father)
Location Moresby

My dad sent you? Then he must be okay… I lost all hope when they caught me.
— Amber, expressing her happines, knowing her Father has survived.

Amber Chi is a survivor in Dead Island. She is located in the southwest portion of the city of Moresby, and is the daughter of Vang Chi. She was captured by bandits and forced her father to trick other survivors by leading them into a trap to be robbed.

After Vang lures the Hero into the bandits' trap, the bandits are killed. Vang then asks the Hero to rescue his daughter from the remaining bandits at the warehouse by the pier, starting the side quest Heroes and Villains. After killing the bandits, the Hero finds Amber locked in the back room of the warehouse, seemingly unharmed. She thanks the Hero and expresses relief when she hears her dad is doing well. The Hero then leaves her in the building. Although unseen, she later leaves and it is presumed she found her father and they escaped to an unknown place.