Vital statistics
Gender Male

Australia Australian

Status Alive
Location Golden Beach

Alfred is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is found on a stage in the Silver Beach district, with several zombies beneath where he stands. Once the Hero has cleared the undead from the stage area, he exclaims that he is leaving the island, and the Hero is rewarded with some cash and 300 XP before he leaves.

If the Hero rescues him, he will escape to Moresby, and can be found inside the Warehouse. He will thank the Hero again for rescuing him and give another reward of cash.


  • It is possible to kill Alfred with an explosive like a Molotov Cocktail or a Deo-Bomb. If all the zombies threatening him are killed before he himself is killed, then not only will he continue to talk as a corpse, he will still show up at Moresby, alive and well.
  • It's also possible to bug this quest if you try to accomplish it in Act II - after you have visited the Warehouse.

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