Alcohol for Theresa
DI Alcohol for Theresa
Difficulty Medium
Given By Theresa
Reward 1500 XP, Cash
Task Bring 5 bottles of alcohol for Theresa.
Location Saint Christopher's Church Previous Sacred Silence
Next N/A

Alcohol for Theresa is a medium quest given to the Hero by Theresa in Dead Island.


The Hero must give Theresa five bottles of alcohol, which will be used for medical reasons. The bottles can be acquired from the various stores located throughout Moresby. After giving Theresa five of them, she thanks the Hero and gives the reward.


  • At the end of the quest Theresa mentions bringing her more alcohol if any is found. She will not be able to be interacted with after this quest is complete, however, making it impossible to give her more alcohol.

Video Walkthrough

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