Afran's Soldiers
Vital statistics
Gender Male


Location Jungle
Quest(s) Soldier of Fortune

Kill the dogs!
— Afran's soldiers

Afran's Soldiers are the guerrilla force led by the self-proclaimed warlord Afran in Dead Island. These soldiers have been raiding nearby villages and taking their food, weapons, ammo and anything else they can get their hands on. Leaving destruction and death in their wake, Afran's Troops take what they want, when they want it, with no regard for human life. They are well armed and sometimes armored, so taking them down is not going to be an easy feat.

When encountering these soldiers, use your firearms against them. You can resupply your ammo from their corpses. They use cover and are usually equipped with handguns. Avoid being out in the open as they always attack in force. Medical kits are a high priority out in the Jungle, so make sure you have some at all times to handle situations where you are caught unaware. It's possible to save some ammo if you can sneak up on these soldiers behind cover and cut them down with your melee weapons, but this tactic should only be used when you have little to no ammo in your guns. Occasionally, you will find a generic survivor or two being attacked by the soldiers. Assisting the survivor in eliminating the threat will reward you with some cash.

They are found in various positions around the Jungle, but are most commonly found protecting Afran and Vargas.

Afran's Soldiers
Level Health
1 400
9 500
16 720
31 1300
40 1600
50 1800

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