Acid Funk
DI Acid Funk
Difficulty Medium
Given By Dreyfus
Reward 3000 XP, Short Shotgun
Task Take the drugs to Dreyfus.
Location Prison Previous Titus Andronikus
Next N/A

Acid Funk is a medium quest given to the Hero by Dreyfus.


The Hero must travel to the cell of a known drug dealer and retrieve some drugs for Dreyfus.


Going into the cell block, it turns out that the drug dealer's room is locked down, so you need to travel upstairs into the control room and unlock the room. After unlocking the room and making your way back down to the ground floor and far left corner and cell #9, you are tasked with finding all 4 of the drugs in the room, the locations are as follows:

  • Inside of the soap dispenser above the sink.
  • Inside of the toilet bowl.
  • Underneath the mattress of the second bed in a group of three beds against the north wall.
  • Inside of the bed frame of the same bed you find drug #3 in. You need to remove a metal scrap to reveal the drugs.

After obtaining all four of the drugs, you need to head back to Dreyfus, where he will somewhat elatedly thank you for getting him his fix and award you 3,000XP and a [purple name] Short Shotgun.

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