A Voice from Above the Sky
DI A voice from Above the Sky
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By Nikolai
Reward 3000 XP
Task Get a satellite phone from Sergei at Nikolai's restaurant.
Location Bunker 02 Previous Black Hawk Down
Next N/A

"A Voice from Above the Sky" is a very hard side quest given to the Hero by Nikolai in Dead Island.


The Hero must reach Nikolai's restaurant, Café Kiev, and retrieve a new satellite phone from his comrade Sergei Kletska.

However, upon finding him it is revealed that his comrades have left him alone in the restaurant, fleeing to a hideout in the Jungle. Unfortunately, they have taken the satellite phone with them and the Hero must now track them down. (It should be noted that this part of the quest can be skipped.  If you perform this part of the quest the quest is marked complete in your quest menu.  There is no indication it has a continuation.  Note also that Nikolai disappears after giving you the quest when you leave the bunker area.)

Once in the Jungle, the Hero will find the Russian hideout off to the side of a dirt road. Inside, all the Russians have been killed, but the satellite phone still works. After calling for help, the radio operator says that more Russians are on their way.

The Bunker in the Jungle can be rather hard to get to,especially if you don't follow the roads & go through the Jungle,the waypoint/Tracked quest objective wants you to go through a mountain, which of course you can't. So what I did was to first go to the locations in the Chasing Shadows quest that's out in the jungle & then when you have to return to Matutero you pass straight by the Russian Hideout.

A shortcut to the Bunker can be used, if you can find it. When you leave the town from Matutero with the shop on the left, and Matutero to your right, continue on until you get shot at (but, ideally, avoid actually being shot). In this area, to your left, is a small path. This path leads eventually to a dead end against the mountain, but instead of going all the way to the dead end, take a left into the bushes. You'll find a door to enter the bunker containing the phone.


  • After quest completion, a Butcher will spawn inside the bunker should the player return there.

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