A Ray of Hope
Quest, A Ray of Hope
Difficulty Medium
Given By Darvin Bark
Reward 1200 XP, Wrench
Task Find Marcus and fix the transformers powering the Lighthouse.
Location Lighthouse Previous On the Air
Next Special (see description)

"A Ray of Hope" is a medium quest given to the Hero by Darvin Bark. It is required to be completed to complete the sidequest On the Air which in turn must be completed to finish the main quest To Kill Time.


The Hero must locate Marcus Davis and help him repair the generators.


When you get the quest from Darvin Bark, he will tell you to go and find Marcus. Marcus can be located behind the bungalow adjacent to Kim's bungalow. When approaching, the player will hear walkers attacking the gate of an underground transformer station currently occupied (and being defended) by Marcus. Once you clear the walkers, he will instruct you to fix the other set of transformers, by traveling to the other transformer station located with the Silver Bungalows.

Occasionally, a thug will be present in the station. Once inside, there are 5 transformers the Hero needs to turn on within the transformer station along with a metal chest. Turning on the transformers is very loud, and will attract the attention of Infected in pairs, so be careful upon exiting. After return to Marcus, he will reward the Hero.

Finally, return to Darvin Bark to complete the mission. After the mission is completed, Darvin will open the storage shed revealing a mod table and some supplies, and reward the Hero with 1200 XP and a wrench.


  • In the second transformer station, there is a tool box containing the Banoi Herald excerpt #6.
  • The Hero is never given access to the transformer station occupied by Marcus.


  • Occasionally the Hero may get stuck on the stairs exiting the second transformer station and keep sliding back down.

Video walkthrough

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - A Ray of Hope08:17

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - A Ray of Hope

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