A New Broom Sweeps Clean
Difficulty Hard
Given By Nick
Reward 1500 XP, Pride Rifle Mod
Task Kill Nick's Infected friend.
Location Square Previous N/A
Next N/A

A New Broom Sweeps Clean is a side-quest given to the Hero by Nick in Dead Island.


The Hero must enter the abandoned house and kill Bob, who has become infected and locked the group out of the house.

One of the easiest ways to kill Bob, who is a Thug, is to use Molotov Cocktails. The room opposite the one the Hero arrives in has a door that can be opened and closed. Cross the hall and enter, closing the door behind. Use the minimap to watch Bob's position. When he returns to his starting position open the door, walk into the hall and lob a Molotov Cocktail at him. Head back into the room and close the door while it burns out. Depending on Bob's level it may take more than one to kill him.

Once he's dead finish searching the rooms before removing the bar on the door. In particular gather any weapons you may have hurled because they will likely disappear when the quest completes and the area partially resets.


  • Sometimes the barricade bar needed to be removed to unlock the door is not there, making completion impossible. Quitting game and reloading solves this, although the player must kill Bob again. Using a Deo-Bomb will destroy the barricade bar. To avoid this, lure Bob into the hallway adjacent to the spawn point and use the bomb there.

Video walkthrough